Ladies Hair

Whether it’s a trim that maintains your own style or a complete restyle, our experienced stylists can provide a professional service and deliver a look that will make you want to flaunt for any occasion. With years of experience creating signature styles our clients have come to love, the team at Ooh La Lah Salon are always able to provide a passionate a professional service helping you achieve the look and feel you want.

Easilocks hair extensions

NO heat – NO glue – NO braids – NO damage – Ooh La Lah Salon is a fully certificated Easilocks salon which uses only the finest 100% human remy hair. Carefully chosen from around the world, Easilocks hair extensions guarantee the most natural results integrating beautifully with every hair type and texture. It is important to follow the aftercare advice to maintain the high quality of the hair and not cause any stress or damage to your natural hair.

Do’s of extension care

  • Always brush from the ends upwards to avoid tangling
  • Only use a hair extensions brush at the root area
  • Brush regularly to avoid tangling/matting
  • Brush hair before washing
  • Always use a sulphate & silicone free shampoo / conditioner
  • When shampooing work vertically not horizontally
  • Only apply conditioner from the ears down
  • Apply a conditioning treatment once a week to the mid lengths and ends
  • Always use a heat protector before styling
  • Plait your hair before going to sleep
  • Wash 2-3 times per week

Don’ts of extension care

  • Wash your hair 48 hrs following a fitting
  • Allow conditioner near the locks as this will cause them to slip
  • Use sulphic or silicone acid shampoos
  • Wash upside down and avoid circular motions when shampooing
  • Go to bed with wet hair
  • Leave your hair wet for long periods of time without detangling it
  • Attempt to maintain or remove the hair yourself
  • Over wash your hair


We advise a maintenance check 6-8 week after your fitting to check that there are no issues or concerns, this is free. If any have fallen out before this time, it is £2.50 per strand to be fitted. If for any reason there is matting or any have slipped out and will need treating it is £40 for first hour then £25 per hour thereafter.